Erfahrungsberichte von Klienten / Personal experiences of clients:

This year has seen many changes happen in my life, and I am thankful that I could rely on Dina and the secret Garden as a trusted neutral party to offer therapy during these unstable times. She was able to help me think through deep, personal issues without any judgement offering routes to come to my own conclusions, Wrapping up therapy will by a time of joy and also sadness. I am so glad that I have so many years to look forward to with the new tools and outlook she’s offered me, but coming to an end with Dina also means closing another chapter and not seeing her face each week. Thanks for everything!“ – Anonymous (29)

„Dina hört mir zu ohne zu urteilen, sie fragt nach und fasst das Gehörte klarer zusammen, was mir sehr hilft. Es tut gut, jemanden zu haben, der nur für mich persönlich da ist, mich unterstützt und für mich Partei ergreift, um mich selbst zu verstehen, zu schützen und weiterzubringen. Jedes Mal vor einem Termin bin ich nervös, jedes Mal danach denke ich „Wie gut, dass ich da war“. In Dina finde ich keinen kalten Arzt, sondern eine menschliche Gedanken-Assistentin!“ – Anonym (24)

„It makes such difference to meet with someone who you feel you can trust, and that’s one of the reasons why I keep recommending counseling with Dina. I’ve felt understood but not pitied or patronized, and it feels like we continue to move forward. Dina has helped me talk through the way my faith in Jesus impacts my life, and I’m grateful that she has the same faith; at the same time, I’ve always felt free to share anything without the risk of feeling judged or misunderstood. In just a few months, my time in counseling with Dina in Berlin has already been very influential in my life!“ – Anonymous (30)

„Dina is an excellent therapist who always goes to great lengths to accommodate your personal needs. Ever since my first session with her I’ve felt as though I’ve had the space to really open up and express myself in a non-judgmental environment. Dina’s insightful and adaptable approach to therapy has helped me work through a great deal in a fairly short space of time. I’d definitely recommend her if you need to talk something out!“ – Anonymous (28)