I hope to provide you with a place of refuge and rest from your daily life: a secret garden where you can pause and gain new perspective. My goal is to guide the entire person to individual understanding and growth. I seek to engage all aspects that make a person and their life: biological, psychosocial, sociocultural and spiritual. Furthermore, I acknowledge that each story is based on a unique variation of these aspects which is why I aim at looking beyond the mere symptoms to help the individual human underneath.

My theoretical approach integrates a cognitive behavioral understanding of psychology with an existential view of life and a systems-based perspective of relationships and family. I hold on to a Christian worldview as the framework of my own understanding of human nature and I draw on the science of current approaches to psychology as a therapist.

While I identify as Christian, I welcome every person in need of help regardless of their faith and tailor my therapeutic approach to each person’s background and preferences .